Clear information allows to differentiate the wines. We must understand which grapes are constituting each wine. They actually try to take advantage of the fame that some of the star grapes have inherited, such as the Cabernet and the Merlot. The wine world has imposed them like a concept and a sign of quality though ultimately which it does not mean that much for me.
EPHOD wines have to be authentic and of better quality because they are representing the showcase of brand: the ambassadors of the image expressing the philosophy of the project.

Without high quality raw materials it is impossible to produce wines of quality

That is why the grapes that are harvested each year for EPHOD Winery come from the best Israeli soils -Golan Hights, Hare Yehouda and Upper Galilea. I am always seeking for grapes with concentrated juices coming from vines whose production per vine tree has been reduced by the farmer, this essential raw material is necessary for the creation of our the prestigious vintages.
Set up stricter methods for the vineyards structuring and impose them forcefully to the owners-operators of the vineyards. The ideal would be to acquire vineyards.


first gained fame as a blending grape for making Bordeaux wine. This grape variety planted primarily in the Médoc, however, because Petit Verdot often has difficulties reaching full phenolic ripeness, not much of it is planted or used in Bordeaux today.
The variety magnificently expresses all his characters here in Israel that I receive as a real gift when it reaches such a beautiful maturity. For all those reasons I decided to raise it up to 50% to create EBIATAR while in Bordeaux it never exceeded 10 in my blend.
It ripens late and gives the wine an intense color, along with tannic depth and a powerful aroma with distinctive notes of violet.

My 4 favorite grape varieties


Clearly, Cabernet Sauvignon is now the most famous red wine grape in the world. It is the classic variety associated with the Bordeaux vineyards. In Israel Cabernet Sauvignon easily reaches its optimal phenolic maturity generated by the heat, as I can extract as well as intense and smooth tanins and give to the wine a great aging potential. So when Cabernet reaches this level of maturity it can stand up to itself in a single varietal wine as I did to create the REGESH. This grape variety offers structure and body, fine and elegant tannins. It is colorful and very aromatic, with distinct black fruit, blackcurrant and licorice



Is the second most planted wine grape around the world and considered as the king grape for wine. This type of grape naturally offers soft textures, roudness and rich flavors, Pomerol appelation in Bordeaux « rive droite » offers to the world a fantastic expression of it. Merlot based wines are also perfect for a myriad of dishes, meat or cheese.
In character, Merlot express flavors of chocolate, plums, licorice, black cherries, blueberries, blackberries as well as jamy sensation when reaching its perfect level of ripeness. A wine born from Merlot grape will be round, fruty and fleshy and can be opulent in texture when the grapes has been carefully selected.


produces deeply colored and concentrated red wines with the ability to age.
It grows well in many of terroirs and soils. The style of Syrah based wine varies widely, depending on the area where it comes from. With the GESHER wine the idea was to create a typical Israeli blend but to which I wanted to bring roundness and elegance.
Typical scents and flavors include blackberries, plums, black cherries, flowers, spice, earth, chocolate, licorice, blueberry, cassis, pepper and truffles. Many of these secondary qualities develop as the wine ages.