my philosophy

It is not about manufacturing a wine but creating wines instead : in a nutshell, revealing the riches of a land, the traits of a vine and the expertise of a savoir-faire.
To work towards a cultural approach of the wine : first and foremost, a wine must be a good wine before being a technical product, a concept, or a nice packaging. Obviously it must meet the consumer preferences , yet it must be built upon indisputable criteria in order to be the expression of the terroir in which the vines are rooted. We made sure to get a modern tool and a stylish new showcase that will allow us to increase the production capacity and to establish our wines among the leaders of the market
• To choose an approach focusing on a search for authenticity and quality before aiming for profit.
In order to ensure the production of achieved wines that bring together the 7 following fondamental elements : Color – Aromas – Balance – Taste – Traits – Personality – Uniqueness.

To reach the top always aim for perfection !
, Knowlege, experience, appropriate tool as well as the right organization are needed.

Each step of the wine production is a science unto itself

Winemaking it is simply a both too vast and too scientifically advanced universe to stray into generalities :
• Those are elements that we must master and on which I want to have a total control
• The high quality of the grapes as raw material
• The winery that receives the harvest and in which the fermentations are managed,
• The extractions that give its physiognomy to the wine,
• The wine press that will release the press wine to embellish or strenghten the fermented musts during their making and ageing.
• The barrel ageing that will correct, refine and smoothen every angle and roughness before the bottling process. The clarification stage preceding it represents also a whole art, the art of not depriving the wine from all its assets.
• EPHOD wines must be identifiable and perfectly cared for.

• The wine benefits from a ton of indisputable details and numerous experiments that have been carried out along the centuries and that are still executed today through experimentation, science and technicality.

EPHOD , as a stamp of approval, will be a sign of trust and reliability only for moments of pleasure. David Suissa